Our Life

Here is a general idea of how our day to day looks!

We start our day with Stayton getting the kids up and starting breakfast while mom either sleeps in or gets back from a workout class. (He is the best morning person!) He always makes something fun like chocolate toast, or pancakes. They all love having Dad be in charge of breakfast. Dad then cleans up breakfast while Mom gets the kids lunches ready. Dad and Mom help the kids pick out outfits, do their hair, and get all their school bags ready. Then we have family prayer, hugs and kisses, and head out the door!

While the kids are at school Ashley does some work, cleans up around the house and often goes to a workout class. Sometimes she will spend lunch with a friend or family member. Stayton goes to work and then often leaves mid-afternoon and comes with Ashley to pick the kids up from school and spend some extra time with them

After school, we have snack time and then usually go to one of our extracurricular activities. All 3 kids are in gymnastics so we are there a few times a week. L is a natural born dancer an enjoys ballet. H and W are in piano and have been enjoying learning a new skill. W goes to a weekly art class where she loves drawing and usually is working on a gift for someone.

At night, we always try to sit own for a family dinner and do at least one activity together. Our favorites are, going to get a fun drink at Fizz, watching movies, and playing games. Then its story time, prayer, scriptures and bed!

Weekends are spent with family and friends and usually a small fun activity.



 We love traveling as a family and exploring new places. We LOVE Harry Potter, so Universal Studios in Florida is one of our favorite places to go! Some of our favorite memories with the kids have been watching their faces as they experience and see new things!

Another place we love going is Hawaii and the Gulf Beach for Family Vacations. We love taking a long break at the beach to relax and spend quality time together. Every year we try to travel somewhere new with the kids and are excited to keep exploring the world together.



Holidays are a big deal around here! We love all the little traditions and going all out!

Christmas is our favorite and it usually starts the day after Halloween! After we go trick or treating we start decorating for Christmas! Ashley’s mom always made holidays really special growing up and it’s a fun tradition we have loved continuing with her. We are avid Harry Potter fans, and have a New Years Eve Harry Potter party every year that we look forward to all year! 

Grandma is here with us for every holiday and the kids love spending that time with her. She is always bringing thoughtful gifts and throwing little parties for the kids. She even does a summer garden party with them that they love.



We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We believe in God the Eternal Father, in his son, our Savior Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.  We believe in living a life that Christ would want us to. We try to learn all that we can about Jesus and know that the greatest happiness in life comes from following the Savior’s way. We try to follow in his example at all times. We give people second changes, love others, forgive quickly, don’t judge, and know that we are always able to try again even when we have made a wrong choice.

We believe in eternal families and that God has a plan for each of us and loves us no matter what. He knows us perfectly.

We raise our kids in this faith but also believe in agency. We let them gain their own testimony’s and are always here for them.