Our Letter

Our Letter to you,

 As we try to figure out how to really say, and express what we are feeling tears are often brought to our eyes. I don’t know if we can adequately express all the words in our hearts but just know that we feel so much love and connection to you already.

Through our immediate family we have seen part of what adoption looks like and have been able to really take the time to understand many sides and aspects of it. Adoption hits us on so many emotional levels. But the one that always stands out to us the most is just have STRONG you are. We know that there are different options when it comes to pregnancy and that what you are doing takes a strength that not everyone has. You are a hero in our eyes and we will always let everyone know that.

We want to honor whatever openness you are comfortable with. We promise to always be honest and truthful even if it can be hard or uncomfortable. We have a strong believe that you can never have enough people who love and care about you and we want this child to know that they were so loved by you. We want to have open communication and want you to have constant access to photos and videos of him/her through social media. We would like to remain in contact if you are ready for it and hopefully have visits and phone calls.

We want you to know that we understand that although this is an exciting and happy time for us that our happiest day will most likely be one of your hardest. We mourn with you and our hearts will forever be grateful to you. You will forever be a part of our lives and hearts.

We know how to advocate for our children and help them with whatever they need. Our family is full of fighters. We fight hard and love hard. We are resilient and know how to look out for each other. You will always feel welcome and comforted when in our family. Our family is full of trust and honesty.

As a family, we have talked endlessly about what adoption is, who it effects, and to show grace and love through the process. We are confident in our entire family’s ability to love this baby and to be his/her biggest cheerleaders. Not only to love and root for him/her, but to do the same to you.

Our hearts are open and ready to love, to love unconditionally. He/She will always know where he/she came from and this outcome was built on a foundation of love from all involved.   

We know this decision is full of emotion and hard choices.We pray that you will pray and ponder what is best for you and your child. We hope that you can find peace and clarity and you move forward. No matter what the decision is, we appreciate the strength, power, love, and selfishness you have already shown and we pray that you will be blessed immensely with whatever your outcome is.

Stayton and Ashley



W’s Letter to you,

Hello, I promise I will be very nice to the baby. And if there is something bothering him I will try to see what it is. I will stand up for him and I will give him love. I can’t wait to meet you and I am excited to learn some things about you.

H’s Letter to you,

I promise that I will that I will be there for my brother no matter what.  I am excited to feed him, help him, play with him, and hug him.I am excited to meet him.

I think you are brave, and nice, and a good mom.


L’s Letter to you,

I am excited to see the baby. I want to play with him and give him toys when he is sad. 


What does life look like with the baby?

We have shown you all about what our life looks like currently but we wanted to give you a small idea of what life would like with a new baby.

I (Ashley) was born to be a mother. I was made for late nights, snuggles, and no sleep. I look forward to rocking a little one to sleep every night while singing and reading stories. We can’t wait to wake up to little stretches and cries and we know all the kiddos will want to come help get him/her ready every day.

We are eager to see him/her try new foods and things. We have 6 little hands that are willing and excited to help him along the way!

He/She will get lots of attention from family, friends and loved ones as we go about our daily lives and  after school activities.

After dinner, and family time we have scriptures and prayer. We can’t wait to help him fold his little arms and teach him how to connect with his Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.

Followed by prayer and scripture baby will get an all hands-on deck bath and his older brother will be the first to want to pick out his pajamas.  

As we tuck the kids into bed Stayton and I will quietly bring him/her in with us so we can spend that one on one time with him.

We know we will get lots of calls, texts and visits from our friends and family, especially his grandma C who finds so much joy in all her grandkids.

We are excited give him/her a room and a space of his own. To pick out a  Easter basket, Christmas stocking, and show him/her all our fun Holiday Traditions as well as learn about and include many of yours as well. We can’t wait for him/her to see the world and travel with us. We know everyone will be fighting over who gets to sit next to him/her on our adventures!

We will take lots of pictures and videos of the  day to day so that we can share it with all those who love him. Especially his/her first momma and her loved ones.

We can’t wait to give a million kisses and to see who he/she becomes. We want him/her to live life to the fullest. We teach to be kind, loving, forgiving, and will encourage him/her to be brave and strong just like his first momma.

We can’t wait to support him in whatever he chooses to do.

We are here for it all. The first laughs, steps, friends, bruised knees, bedtime stories, homework, heartbreaks and more.

We can’t wait.