Our Family

Stayton (written by Ashley)

Stayton has a strong and driven personality. He is organized and a very hard working. He is everybody’s fix it guy and often receives text and phone calls from others needing help. People know they can count on him and the trust him. He is very generous with his talents, time, and resources. Stayton is always looking to improve himself and be the best that he can. He is quick to apologize and is very loving.

I love watching Stayton with our children. He tries his best to parent with love and patience. He teaches our kids what a good work ethic is and also shows them how to relax! He loves making his grandma’s cookie recipe with the kids and telling the stories about her.

With our girls, he loves making them feel special and makes sure they know their worth. He enjoys going on little outings with them and always says yes when the ask him to play. Stayton loves bringing our son to work with him and teaching him all about cars. They often enjoy doing “just the boys” outings where they will go hot tubing, grab food and a drink, watch sports, or work on projects together.

I can’t say enough how good of a father and husband Stayton is. He always has his families best interest in mind and would do anything for each one of us. We love him look forward to seeing him become a Dad again.


Ashley (written by Stayton)

Ashley was made for motherhood. I’ve know this for many years, however I didn’t always know just how made for motherhood she really was! Ashley has had family and children on her mind since the beginning. When you marry someone, you do all your research, you get to know the person and then decide if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But even with all that there are so many things that are unknowns. I always knew Ashley would be a great mother, and to say she far exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. I never thought someone could be so selfless, so caring, so willing to give of themselves whilst expecting nothing in return. All the long and sleepless nights, and difficult and frustrating moments, while notable, all seem to fade into a blur that is surpassed by the one constant that is always there.


She is there, always. She is selfless, kind, patient, caring, loving, sweet, tender and Christ like.  She has and continues to be the best mother and wife I could have ever imagined. She gives 100% of herself to our family every day. There never has been and never will be a doubt in my mind that my children will always be cared for, no matter what the circumstances because of Ashley. In this next chapter of our family’s story, I have no doubt she will again exceed even my loftiest expectations. Ashley was built to give of herself, it is in her DNA, it is what she is made for. She is the most amazing mother I have ever known.


We have been married for 13 years! Many wonderful, a few difficult and hard, but all rewarding and unforgettable.  

We communicate well. We never like to see the other one upset or have contention in our home so we do our best to lovingly work out any upset feelings we have.

We love to grow together but also individually. We give each other room to be themselves.

We never yell or have abusive words in our home. We have set high goals for our family. The most important being to teach our children to love others and to always try their best. We always are looking for those around us who need our help or who we can serve. Serving others is big in our family. Stayton and I have been very much in love with each other for 15 years and that love grows every day. Our children complete out marriage and our family is our everything,

We enjoy date night and time with each other, but also really love just doing everything as a family!





Our oldest was our miracle baby after going through some fertility issues. After fighting hard for 4 years with infertility we were blessed and rewarded with our little Winnie.

W is our social butterfly. She has a huge heart and she feels all of the feelings deeply. She is so loving and can really see people for who they are. She wants everyone to feel loved, she is a natural comforter. She loves art, music, and traveling. She LOVES spending one on one time with people and having special moments. She is a great communicator,  is so good at telling people how she feels and most of all telling people what she loves about them! She is so brave and adventurous.  W has been a great big sister to her siblings and is so excited to help and love a new baby.




Our love for H hits us deep and hard. He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever truly known. He has the kindest most loving heart and he asks daily when he can get a baby brother that he can love and hold. H is an awesome gymnast and enjoys his boy’s gymnastics team. He does well at school and is very smart and hardworking. He loves swimming and watching sports with his dad. He loves him Mom and treats her with daily hugs and I love you’s.

H was diagnosed with high functioning Autism at a very young age and has been working hard in therapy for the last 5 years. We all worked really hard to make sure he received all the things he needed to do well in life and we are so proud of how well he is doing.  He has far exceeded our and his therapist expectations in his short time here.  He is strong, resilient and works hard every day to overcome the daily difficulties that  many never see or understand.  Autism does not define Hudson or who he is because he breaks down every barrier that is placed in his path. He is a special little boy with a heart to match!  We are proud of him and know he was sent here to do amazing things. He has taught us all so much about compassion and love we don’t know what we would do without him.


 L is a constant ray of light in our home! She is so busy and hilarious! L came at a hard time in our lives and truly helped mend broken hearts. She is one of the most self-confident children I have ever seen. She knows what she wants and her independence is inspiring to all of us! She is quiet and more reserved then our other two but she is fiercely loyal. She loves doing EVERTHING with us. She helps with dinner, laundry, you name it she just wants to learn and be busy! We often go sneak her out of bed to come spend some one on one time with Mom and Dad so we can get all the little girl snuggles we can from her.

She has been so excited to not be the youngest anymore and is looking forward to showing a baby all her things. She is a natural helper and we are so grateful for her.